In Search Of

In Search Of

In Search Of

Flowers need to be experienced in person. Every petal and twig has the power to launch you into a sensory-rich journey with its unique story. This is precisely why we travel in search of the freshest flowers, all while also taking our chances in stumbling upon curiously odd leaves and roots. Encountering full blooms with all of our senses help us to perceive every element with added clarity, which in turn inspires us to create distinctive pieces, each with its own unique personality.


Crimson roses overflowing from a petite RIMOWA Cabin
contrasting with the stark whiteness of its shell.


Scouting for flowers in a strange land leads us to learn about traditions or taboos from the locals directly — especially those we must steer clear of entirely. Just as hand gestures express drastically different meanings across continents, flowers also carry distinct messages in every culture.

Yellow might be a joyous colour for most of the world, but in Russia, yellow flowers often depict sadness or an impending break-up, which is a leading factor for local florists to avoid using too many yellow blooms during cheerful festivities. Understanding how each flower speaks in various cultures assists us in the process of crafting contextually meaningful pieces for our ever-growing international clientele.


Bold Proteas and Craspedias peeking forth between glimpses of fall.


Autumn bursts forth from a suitcase-like RIMOWA Trunk,
grazing the earth with shades of persimmon and corn.


Native to highly specific geographical conditions — altitude, temperature, soil acidity, humidity — rare flowers can only be found in the highest mountains or the farthest swamps. Whether it’s the most expensive night-blooming cereus in the world or monkey face orchids native to the South American rainforest at 2,000 metres altitude, these wildflowers are tough to track down and must not be picked, as they are works of art crafted by Mother Nature, only to be admired and not invaded upon. 

However, there are also flowers used in bouquets that are simply difficult to grow and maintain, making it more arduous to be procured. The most notorious of which would certainly be orchids, often taking the top spot of being a high-maintenance flower. Through our travels, we pursue mastery in caring for some of the most challenging blooms, as we gain tips and thoughts from local growers who are long-time experts on these species. 


A clear intention to capture one’s attention with striking shades — 
a sincere signature of ours to combine, to experiment, and to juxtapose.
All (barely) contained in a limited edition Off White × RIMOWA luggage.



Travelling expands our horizons, granting us the ability to form a mental library which combines knowledge, taste, and mastery. The more we experience, the more information we gather and bind together, building a library filled with precious “books”. Unlike gaining knowledge from a book or a screen, travelling gives us a real and first-hand experience of how flowers act, respond, or react to their surroundings. 

Being in a space with a master artisan of ikebana greatly differs from reading words and looking at pictures of the same topic. Learning by engaging with our senses directly is a priceless and irreplaceable experience. It’s not something easily reproduced, which is why we always choose to endure hours or days of travelling to be in the exact time and place where we can glean straight from the experts or the environment.



As the year begins, we’re excited to be off our feet. To travel, to see all things strange and familiar, to feel in person, to draw close to every scent and surface. Welcome to our journey into the future — we’re glad you could make it for our grand opening. Step right in.