An Edible Wild Garden

An Edible Wild Garden

An Edible Wild Garden

A collaboration that celebrates the convergence of wild flowers, tea and fashion. A multi-sensory piece of an edible wild garden that took our guests on a journey of foraging and tea appreciation.



Elaborate and non-comforting, Jonathan Liang and DONCE Fine Floristry share the same attraction to the beauty and fragility a flower possesses.



Resembling the raw beauty of nature, an overgrown foliage of plants and flowers is arranged naturally, expanding into a wild garden.



In between, edible flowers are carefully chosen and placed on top of a constructed table, inspired by the aesthetic of Chinese tea culture.



To add a note of contrast, mixed coloured florals are wrapped within a tightly bound form, with Salix branches extending wildly at the other end.



Circulating and interacting with the multi-sensory installation, the audience may find their own unique perception and amusement. 


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